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B2B Website Design and Development

Our Emarketing Services include Website Design and Development with an emphasis on B2B web strategies. Your company's online success will depend on decsions made on how you determine your website goals, objectives and strategies. Brainwave Emarketing specializes in B2B website development and would like the opportunity to apply our experience to help your business reach it's online goals.

Considering a Website Redesign?

The benefits of a website redesign can be dramitic. A well executed web redesign can benefit in many ways:

Web Design Companies in Dayton, Ohio

A comprehensive list of web design businesses in Dayton Ohio and local surrounding areas.

This resource can help you find the best web designers and companies in Dayton that best fit your business needs and budget. Own a web design company in Dayton? Click here to contact us to get you business listed on this list.

SEO Evaluation

Inquire about our free SEO Evaluation. We will analyze pages within your website and look for SEO obstacles within the site structure, page code and page content. BrainWave Emarketing also offers an in-depth SEO evaluation that digs deeper into your website's search engine visibility. Click here to receive a free website SEO evaluation.

SEO Target Marketing

SEO target marketing is the practice of researching and selecting the most effective keywords to drive the best customer and prospect types to your website. SEO Target Marketing can help your Business:

  • Qualify visitor types
  • Create online awareness of your brand over your competition
  • Increase conversions rates

Free - Index Report for Your Website

Is your website indexed in search engines? Is your website indexed in Google, Yahoo and MSN? How many pages? Getting your pages indexed is the first step in measuring your website's search engine visibility.


Click here for a free Search Engine Visibility Test.

Internet Lead Generation

Your business should be getting a full share of the increasing stream of internet leads generated from web content. The strategies BrainWave Emarketing deploys for Internet Lead Generation takes a customer centric look at what they are searching for, then positions your solutions into that stream of inquiries. Learn more about these techniques and devises...

Building an Emarketing Database

An emarketing database that keeps in touch with prospects and customers is critical if you want to be on the short list when the RFP goes out. Rapidly evolving technology is revolutionizing this capability. Web analytics record prospects interest and permission contact forms deliver leads directly to sales. Reverse-Look-up capabilities allow targeted enterprises to generate pro-active alerts.

Website Alerts and Reporting

Find-out immediately when your best customers and prospects are expressing interest in products and services you can satisfy. Keep the sales channel in the loop, and redirect their efforts towards the more ripe opportunities. Emarketing technologies permit a powerful deployment of time-critical marketing intelligence. More >.

Permission Based Email Marketing

A targeted approach can result in a flood of results. Permission based email marketing are email marketing messages to recipients that have "opted-in", giving the sender permission to send to the recipients email account. Capturing user information from your website and building a quality permission list is a key component.

B2B Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a critical component of an integrated emarketing program. This capability needs to report results to your Customer Management System (CMS), and share results throughout your organization via emarketing alerts. The Wavemaker9 emarketing system permit this kind of responsiveness.

WaveMaker 9 Emarketing System

Evolving Emarketing Models are integrating all communication touches into one integrated enterprise-wide resource. Recorded touches for email marketing, web content, video and voice messaging, prospect inquiries, sales contacts and purchases can all be centralized. WaveMaker9 delivers real-time information allowing for immediate response to opportunities.

Emarketing Services Since 1995...

BrainWave Connection is a emarketing service agency that specializes in website redesign, SEO and internet lead generation. Our goal is to provide our clients with effective marketing messaging while leveraging the benefits of new and emerging media technology. Are you ready to bring your business into the new age of marketing? Learn about our approach.

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Selecting an Emarketing Company

What should you consider when selecting an emarketing company? Are they employing the latest technologies? Do they have a proven marketing experience? Can they provide a custom solution for your specific marketing needs? Click here to review a list of emarketing companies.